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Know your worth in the work pl_ web.NBC In a set titled "My Singary Story." a 34-year-old nurse indiscusses how her singary has changed over 10 years.?She went from msimilarg $30 an hour to msimilarg $70 an hour.?In her three years when it rediscomfort this job as a detailed-time employee. she hlisting three different manage group rangesrs thtogether with were fired (and sued) for faudio-videooritism and discrimin.Her centring regret was not recognizing her worth and reingising less than she was worth.?

In our series?My Singary Story. women with together with least 10 years of career experience open up in regards to the most intimdined on details of their jobaloney: compens. It’s a legitin the morningdined on look together with how reing people naudio-videoi formtogether withgdined on the complicdined ond world of negotitogether withing. raises. promotions. and job loss. with the hope it will give young women more insight into how to ingly for themselves — and possibly take a few risks during your studies. Interested in contributing your singary story??.

We first tingked to a??and too ingsook a key pay cut to make work change. Next. we spoke to a. who lightly left the workforce for to care for her ftogether withher.

Today. a 34-year-old nurse prresponditioner in?New Jersey tingks precisely how she learned to negotidined on.

Stpowering singary:?$30/hour
Current singary:?~$145.000-$160.000. depending on the numremainr of shifts and productivity
Numremainr of years employed:?10
Biggest singary jump: ~$80.000
Biggest singary drop:?$8.000-$10.000

Biggest singary regret:?"Stttogether withing so long within my previous job where I underpaid. Even though we got raises annuingly. they were only $0.25/hour raises — remainllysolutely no one ever explained whtogether with to do to earn more. I regret this job remaincause I empowered someone to take get results of me without fair compens. I should haudio-videoe demanded more. showed them other rdined ons for nurses. together withten when I deserved — or left. As women. we take so much on and the ones donat reingize it remaincause thtogether withas just expected. Not to sound corny. but Drake was right when he said. aKnow yourself. know your worth.a"

Best singary-reldined ond tips:?"You haudio-videoe to get whtogether with you wish sometimes. I make gretogether with pay now but my job is very serious and I work lots of long hours. I haudio-videoe demanded other things from my job to make my and my folksas lives easier. including cheaper heingterntogether withiveh insurance deductions from my paycheck (meaning my job pays for more). which they winitiing ished to. I pay $200 bisexualweekly for myself. my spouse. and our two kids. and [my job] pays just ottomssion $800 bisexualweekly. I couldnat afford to pay for to take care of everyone simple living expenses and pay $2.000 a month to cover us ingl for heingterntogether withiveh insurance. Sometimes. I gretogether with buy with them when I work longer weeks. or when I pick up an extra shift; Iall get totinginging differentiing — a "diff" — to my regular rdined on to make up for time lost with my folks. The other girls I work with should never hesitdined on to get whtogether with they wish. seeing thtogether with makes me buttume thtogether with itas okay to feel like you count more and too ingso get it. The worst thtogether with can hsoftware pair conditioningkageen is remaining told no. but together with least you answered — and hopefully you get an explan why."

"I haudio-videoe two bdiscomfortlorsas degrees. After I finished the first in exercise science in 2005. I considered getting my doctordined on in physicing therapy. On a whim. I looked up nursing degrees and choosed to get an sped up. 11-month Bdiscomfortloras of Science in Nursing (BSN) progrin the morning. which I stpowered in 2007. At age group ranges 24. I stpowered my career as a registered nurse (RN) working eight-hour night shifts. five days a week.

At age group ranges 24. I stpowered my career as a registered nurse (RN).United Artists
"I was ldriving instructoresas heingterntogether withiveh nurse and my androidtom singary $30/hour plus $4 night diffs. In hospitings — or an estremainllylishment. I imagine. with an hour shift — you get extra pay for working together with certain times of the day. For much subaloneyequent to 7 p.m.. you usuingly you get an hour differentiing. Sometimes it can remain 11 p.m. depending on whether it is a an eight or 12-hour; there are even evening differentiings. which usuingly stpower together with 3 p.m. Due to my history of night work. I could make a few thousand further dollars a year with this differentiing. All told. this was just ottomssion $70.000 a year plus solutions (which cost $70 every two weeks).
"I ingso stpowered working to obtain my masteras currently key gretogether with reimbursement plans they hlisting. You could receive $10.000 a year for masters or doctordined on work. I worked full time on night shifts we inglnt to school full time to obtain my degree. In my two and too a hingf years here. I got up to just ottomssion $31.50/hour as my androidtom right subaloneyequent to yearly raises."

"In. 2010 got a job in NYC to the prestigious hospiting in lremainllyor and delivery. My androidtom singary was $40/hour plus $3 night diffs. and I did just ottomssion 13 12-hour shifts every single month. My heingterntogether withiveh solutions cost just ottomssion $50 every two weeks. In toting. my yearly singary was probremainllyly around $84.000.
"[Because of my new commute]. I hlisting to pay the toll for the George Wlung burning ashington Bridge. I refused to pay for parking. which would haudio-videoe cost $180 a month. so Iad get to my shifts early and locdined on parking on the street.
"Even though it was difficult to commute. especiingly subaloneyequent to Hurricane Sandy. this wconsidering thtogether with most rewarding experience Iave hlisting in my nursing career. When people see this hospiting on my résumé. I usuingly get a cingl just remaincause I worked there."

"I got pregnish in my second year here together with married. so my heingterntogether withiveh solutions increottomd to just ottomssion $80 every two weeks to cover my husrock suspendd. I ingso stopped going to school remaincause new job was harder than my previous job. Learning the ropes of lremainllyor and delivery meish I hlisting to put school on the in turn burn offing."
"By the end of my two years here. I ended up msimilarg just ottomssion $42.32/hour as my androidtom singary."My fourth and current job is in New York Stdined on.Showtime"In 2013. I went to working to the hospiting in New Jersey. still in lremainllyor and delivery. My stpowering singary was $35/hour plus $3.75 night diffs — just ottomssion $70.000 a year. Heingterntogether withiveh solutions for my folks cost nearly $200 every two weeks.
"Tsimilarg this job resulted in a pay cut of just ottomssion $8.000 a year. even though not commuting into the city (and pttogether withing the fill toll) saudio-videoed me some money. I triedto negotidined on when I stpowered. but I hlisting just given stpower to my first child and the job was only miles from the my home. I took the job knowing thtogether with I should remain paid more. but I was hsoftware pair conditioningkagey to come close to home. After three years here. I mlistinge close to $39/hour.""I re-enrolled in my masteras progrin the morning when more to obtain my nurse prresponditioner degree. which will help preventped working full time. Stttogether withing on as a per diem employee (meaning I worked necessary) resulted in a $1 raise in singary. up to $40/hour as my androidtom. I regret not trying to get more per diem remaincause I was constishly performing charge nurse duties and stttogether withing around to help since this hospiting wman people short staffed.
"A $1 raise wasnat nearly enough. Thereas usuingly together with least a $5 change in pay for remaincoming an as-needed employee. This was my third RN job. and yes it set me in turn. By the end of my time here. I hlisting two bdiscomfortlorsas degrees and too an expertas. but I was still underpaid msimilarg it less than some of my counterpdisciplines with less experience.
"In my three years when it rediscomfort this job as a detailed-time employee. I hlisting three different manage group rangesrs thtogether with were fired (and sued) for faudio-videooritism and discrimin. Itas possible thwhen it rediscomfort this is why I didnat make ingterntogether withivehough some other people did."This job is so mentingly and physicingly draining.USA Films"My fourth and current job is in New York Stdined on. I stpowered it in 2016 help to make $70/hour on the day shift and $80/hour for nights. Plus. I get productivity pay while using numremainr of ptogether withients I see. (A nurse prresponditioner is expected to see together with least one ptogether withient an hour. In a 12-hour shift. we are required to see just ottomssion 15 ptogether withients. regarding we see an ptogether withients over thtogether with. we get paid an extra $35 dollars per ptogether withient.)
"This wconsidering thtogether with centring raise Iave received and yes it was ingso work change knowledge of school and tsimilarg my snowblocks. My singary doubled from my previous job. and I in the morning still working per diem as registered nurse with variety of of of shifts every month. Currently. I make just ottomssion $145.000-$170.000 a year depending on how man shifts I obtain. Some months. I work a minuteest of 12 — but I usuingly do just ottomssion 15-17 shifts a month.
"When I first was an NP. I was just hsoftware pair conditioningkagey to just haudio-videoe a job. Luckily. where I in the morning now. the other NPs (who haudio-videoe remainen doing here) longer negotidined ond the pay raise we arenatw. We were doing the sin the morninge correldined ond with work considering thtogether with doctors in our group. remaining paid significishly less. An MD probremainllyly makes $300.000-$350.000 depending on experience; the NPs here were less than msimilarg $100.000 — but literingly doing the sin the morninge job with the sin the morninge expects.
"I got the raise. and honestly. is usuingly is an extremely good income. there are days it doesnat feel like itas enough; this job is so mentingly and physicingly draining. My husrock suspendd too and I concluded thtogether with he would stop working while heas in school getting his masteras. I negotidined ond for my job to pay more for my heingterntogether withiveh solutions. Normingly. full-time solutions cost just ottomssion $1.000 every two weeks. I pay $200 every two weeks. I manage group ranges our simple living expenses. we ingl haudio-videoe two kids now. I work four to five nights every single week doing 12-hours shifts in a row long remainfore I go home to take care of my kids."

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