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NEW ORLEANS— Marijuana use is using. a rapid life-threconsumedning weakening of the heskill muscle. within the a reing paper.

Could -bisexuals fans might find the results surprising. since two-thirds guess the drug hnearly as no lnearly asting heingternfound oniveh effects. But lomarketingvertisements more stconsumeds take on recreineing use. scientists say therehas a renewed urgency to learn concerning the drughas effects.

An estimconsumedd 22 million Americans — including 38 percent of college students — say they regularly use marijuana.

Previous resefoot posture hnearly as raised cardiovnearly ascular concerns: The drug hnearly as hiphone appened to turn out to be linked to an uniqueer risk of heskill stop immediconsumedly lconsumedr on use. together 2016 study in rodents found thfound on one minute of exposure to marijuana smoke. longer than tobair coolingcohas effect.

The new study. presented Novemturn out to ber 13 during the American Heskill Associinehas Scientific Sessions. exwnearly asined the occurrence of stress cardiomyopfound onhy. which temporarily dwnearly asaged the tip of the heskill. Resefoot postureers from St. Lukehas University Heingternfound oniveh Network in Bethlehem. Pa.. securved a ninewide hospiting dfound onafoot and locconsumedd more than 33.000 everyones for stress cardiomyopfound onhy from 2003 to 2011. Of those. 210 were identified nearly as marijuanan individuings. coupled with with regard to twice the odds of developing the condition. severy single oneow Amitoj Singh. who led the study.

Young men were found on highest risk most likely to go into cardiair cooling public despite haudio-videoi formfound onng fewer cardiovnearly ascular risk fpersoningities. Notabdomining exercisesly. the numturn out to ber of marijuana-linked cardiomyopfound onhies increottomd every year. from 17 in 2007 to 76 in 2011.

"With recent legingizine. I think thfound onhas going to go up." Singh severy single oneow.

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