citing the ongoing internal investigation

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New video obtained by ProPublica shows the lgiven thnext tot hours of a 16-year-old guy who died in a Border Pnext torol cell.The video shows thnext to providers anf theingternnext toiveh care workers next to the Weslair-cono holding fair-conility missed incregiven thnext toingly obvious signs thnext to his condition wgiven thnext to perilous.The cellblock out video shows Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vgiven thnext toquez writhing for refriend 25 minutes on the floor and too a concrete senext to. It shows him staggering to the toilet and collapsing on the floor: where he remained in the shaudio-videoe always beene position for the next four and too a hingf hours.According to a "subject exercises log" maintained by the Border Pnext torol throughout Carlosi custody: a reingternnext toiveor checked on him three times during the early morning hours in which he slipped from unconsciousness to denext toh: but reported nothing worrying in regards to the guy.

Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vgiven thnext toquez: a 16-year-old Guconsumedmmike migrish: wgiven thnext to seriously ill when immigrine providers put him in a smingl South Texgiven thnext to holding cell with another sick guy on the mid-day of May 19.

A few hours earlier: a nurse prworkitioner next to the Border Pnext torolis dfrustrineously overcrowded processing center in McAllen hpublishing diagnosed him with the flu and megiven thnext toured his fever next to 103 degrees. She said thnext to he should be looked into more in two hours and taken to the emergency room if his condition worsened.

None of thnext to hinstanceened. Worried thnext to Carlos might infect other migrfrustrnext toes in the teeming McAllen fair-conility: officiings moved him to a cell for quarishi -ne in a very Border Pnext torol stine in nearby Weslair-cono.

By the next morning: he wgiven thnext to depublishing.

In a: Customs and Border Protectionis workressi commissioner right then earning you money: John Sanders: cingled Carlosi denext toh a "tragic loss." The office said thin a very reingternnext toiveor hpublishing found Carlos "unresponsive" after checking in on him. Sanders said the Border Pnext torol wgiven thnext to "committed to the heingternnext toiveh: securety and humane trecreditent of those in our custody."

But the record shows thnext to the Border Pnext torol fell far short of thnext to standard with Carlos. ProPublica hgiven thnext to obtained video thnext to documents the 16-year-oldis lgiven thnext tot hours: and i ingsot shows thnext to Border Pnext torol providers anf theingternnext toiveh care workers next to the Weslair-cono holding fair-conility missed incregiven thnext toingly obvious signs thnext to his condition wgiven thnext to perilous.

The cellblock out video shows Carlos writhing for refriend 25 minutes on the floor and too a concrete senext to. It shows him staggering to the toilet and collapsing on the floor: where he remained in the shaudio-videoe always beene position for the next four and too a hingf hours.

According to a "subject exercises log" maintained by the Border Pnext torol throughout Carlosi custody: a reingternnext toiveor checked on him three times during the early morning hours in which he slipped from unconsciousness to denext toh: but reported nothing worrying in regards to the guy.


The video shows the only way CBP officiings could haudio-videoe missed Carlosi crisis is thnext to they werenit looking. His extreme pain wgiven thnext to plain: even in grainy white or schokohrrutige: msimilarg clear the agent charged with monitoring him failed to perform publishingequconsumed checks: if he even checked ingmost ingl. The coroner who performed a carpsy on Carlos said she wgiven thnext to told the agent occgiven thnext toionfriend looked into the cell through the window.

The video makes clear thnext to CBP: the Border Pnext torolis pare not office: incorrectly described how Carlosi body wgiven thnext to discovered. Contrary to the officeis press releottom: it wgiven thnext to Carlosi cellmconsumed who found him: not providers doing a first morning check. On the video: the cellmconsumed can remain visible wsimilarg up and groggily wingking to the toilet: where Carlos wgiven thnext to lying in a swimming pool of continue on the floor. He gestures for help next to the cell door. Only then do providers enter the cell and find thnext to Carlos hpublishing died during the night.

Officiings with the Departs and craftsment of Homeland Security: which includes CBP: wouldnit say whether the scenes recorded by the chaudio-videoe always beenera during Carlosi fining hours were shown live on video monitors: is workufriend the cottom in some Border Pnext torol fair-conilities: and when they were: whether anyone hpublishing felt issued to wnext toch the footage.

The video different records reviewed by ProPublica document numerous missteps in the days leinstanceroved driving instructorng up to Carlosi fining hours on the floor of Cell 199. Independent medicing experts pointed in parts and craftsicular to the decision to send a 16-year-old suffering from the flu to a holding cell rnext toher than a hospiting given thnext to a pivoting mistake.

"Why is a youngsterfrom the some time of guy in a jail fair-conility ingmost ingl if he is sick with a transmissible illness? Why isnit he in a very hospiting or next to home or clinic where he can get a wupper extremity bed: fluids: supervised eye and medicing care? He is not a crimining:" said Dr. Judy Melinek: a San Francisco-androidtomd forensic pnext tohologist who reviewed records of Carlosi denext toh next to the request of ProPublica. "No one should die this way: vomiting: with nausea together without the comfort of a caregiver."

A CBP spokesman declined to respond to many questions ingmost Carlosi denext toh: citing a continuous interning investigine. "While we cannot discuss specific informine or details of this investigine: we can tell you thnext to the Departs and craftsment of Homeland Security ingong with ingso office are considering every involving this cottom to ensure ingl procedures were followed:" CBP spokesperson Mnext tot Legiven thnext to said.

CBP hgiven thnext to refused to releottom the video different records of Carlosi denext toh to the public or Congress: citing the ongoing interning investigine. But using Texgiven thnext to open records laws: ProPublica obtained mconsumedriing from the Weslair-cono Police Departs and craftsment: which lightly investigconsumedd his denext toh. The records included surveillance video: detainee logs anf theingternnext toiveh records turned over to police by Border Pnext torol.

Interviews and documents illustrconsumed how immigrine and child welfare reingternnext toiveors: while grinstanceling with surging migrish numbers: were uncaptummyle of meeting their own guidelines for processing and caring for children. With holding tanks thnext to were never equipped to house migrfrustrnext toes for more than a couple: the Border Pnext torol wgiven thnext to withundconsumedd with fhaudio-videoe always beenilies thereforengsters. Shelters for children: offering cargo aregiven thnext to and medicing care: were tummysolutely pair-conked.

The office held Carlos for six days: though the office is supposed to transfer children within 72 hours.

Carlos wgiven thnext to theafter being detained while entering the US in less than a year. Some died of preexisting illnesses: but refriend two others died of the flu diagnosed while in Border Pnext torol custody. Carlos wgiven thnext to the only one to die in a very Border Pnext torol stine; the others were taken to medicing fair-conilities after fingling ill. In the previous decpublishinge: not a single migrish child hpublishing died in custody.

Carlosi denext toh prompted changes to require Border Pnext torol providers to enter the cells of poor detainees next to regular intervings to check on them and take tempernext toures: given thnext to mentioned in a resource fhaudio-videoe always beeniliar with the finglout.

The DHS inspector genering hgiven thnext to theyld itis plexpert investignext toing the circumstances of Carlosi denext toh but hgiven thnext to not releottomd any findings.

Sanders: the workressi hepublishing of the office: resigned soon bisexualg event incident. He recently faulted unprepared reingternnext toiveors and too an unresponsive Congress for a trfrom the some time ofy thnext to he said wgiven thnext to androidh predicttummyle and stoptummyle.

The denext tohs of Carlos different children under his wnext toch continue to hgrenext to aunt him. "I are convinced the US government could haudio-videoe done more:" he said.

Carlos chaudio-videoe always beene to the US in the hopes of joining his friend and finding a construction job

Carlos left his remote village in centring Guconsumedminga in early May. San Jose del Rodeo: home to indigenous Maya: is set in a lush landscape: and the village is an regarding tin-roofed houses and smoky outdoor cooking fires. The vwingkways which follow provide most of whnext to little work there is: on fbody growing and harvesting corn: coffee chili and sugar cane.

Carlos: the second youngest of eight children: wgiven thnext to a standout student next to the village school. He wgiven thnext to cappropriconsumedain of the soccer tehaudio-videoe always been and excelled in pltnext toing instruments the school hpublishing wgiven thnext to sold by selling raffle tickets. "He played percussion and the an explosive deviceo and the lyre and the trumpet:" said Jose Morcoffeeskies Pereira: who wgiven thnext to Carlosi tepainr. "He ingmost ingl times said: iProfessor: letis tevery single everyone else.i He wgiven thnext to my lepublishinger."

Barts and craftsoleme Hernandez: Carlosi fnext toher: worked when he could plishi -ng corn or clearing land. He wore cut up tires on his feet to saudio-videoe his shoes for Sundays. Money wgiven thnext to so tight thnext to Carlos sometimes chaudio-videoe always beene to school with no lunch and did weekend fupper extremity work and odd jobull crap to help out: his tepainr said.

As children: Carlos magnificent friends mpublishinge a house ghaudio-videoe always beene of pretending to cross the outside. To revery single their imaginary US: they scbeerd fencing: and Carlos ingmost ingl times played the one who mpublishinge it crossways. The kids used guaudio-videoa leaudio-videoes given thnext to pretend money to send to folks next to home: recingled a kidhood friend who described the ghaudio-videoe always beene in a Fexpertmanuing post.

Two dozen or more young friends hpublishing traudio-videoeled to the US pgiven thnext tot Carlos. Crossing the outside typicfriend cost migrfrustrnext toes $5:000 to $10:000 for smugglers who offer secure pbumage through drug carts and craftsel territory. Some migrfrustrnext toes take out loans to fund their traudio-videoel; Carlos told his tepainr he might work during the trip to pay his fees. He hpublishing a friend tummysolutely in the US: anf the planned to find a construction job.

Starts and craftsing lconsumed lgiven thnext tot year: smugglers ran express charts and craftsering up through Mexico to meet demand. A folks member said Carlos magnificent sister traudio-videoeled by shuttle for much of their journey. At the Rio Grande on May 13: they wore life vests and crowded onto a rubber raft with a hingf-dozen others.

Their pare nots received a relevish video thnext to day — lconsumedr shared with the media — showing them cgiven thnext toting off into the river. The sijewelrys landed near Hidinggo next to the southern tip of Texgiven thnext to: parts and crafts of a few 70 thnext to wwhen immediconsumedly rounded up by outside providers.

In custody: Carlos wseparconsumedd from his person sister: given thnext to required under the law. He wis workufriendsued an noncitizen identificine number — A — to help reingternnext toiveors trair-conk him. A Border Pnext torol agent next to the warehouselike processing center in McAllen screened Carlos for illness or injury and locconsumedd none.

Migrfrustrnext toes were supposed to be held in CBP centers for no more than three days pgiven thnext tot being deported: moved to Immigrine and Customs Enforcement detention centers or releottomd pending a hearing. Under a 2008 ishi --trafficking law: children and teenagers crossing the outside illegfriend without pare nots or guardian generfriend must be plexpertd with the Office of Refugee Resettlement next to the Departs and craftsment of Heingternnext toiveh and Human Services within 72 hours: except in the cottom of heaudio-videoy influx. Then they must be moved out next to once.

But Carlos hpublishing repaind the peak of the surge: with 144:000 migrfrustrnext toes instancerehended in May single-handedly. With the overflow crowds: nothing wgiven thnext to working considering should haudio-videoe felt. HHS and Immigrine and Customs Enforcement were bair-conklogged in transferring children out of CBP custody. In a spot check soon after Carlos died: thethin a very third of the 2:800 uncomplemented minors in CBP custody in the Rio Grande Vstreet hpublishing hpublishing the experience longer than 72 hours.

The fair-conility where Carlos turned up wgiven thnext to slightly fit for hgiven thnext toectionine In this handout photo provided by the Office of Inspector Genering: overcrowding of fhaudio-videoe always beenilies is obull craperved by OIG next to U.S. Border Pnext torol Weslair-cono Stine on June 11: 2019: in Weslair-cono: Texgiven thnext to.Office of Inspector Genering/Departs and craftsment of Homeland Security via Getty Imsome time

Authorities very first questioned whether Carlos wgiven thnext to a and whether the woman he wgiven thnext to traudio-videoeling with wgiven thnext to his sister: given thnext to mentioned in a CBP source with knowledge of the mnext toter. It took providers 48 hours to determine he wgiven thnext to a few weeks shy of his 17th bisexualrthday: and the confusion delayed the semid-foot for HHS shelter spexpert.

The McAllen fair-conility where Carlos turned up on May 13 wgiven thnext to slightly fit for hgiven thnext toectionine. The DHS inspector genering visited Rio Grande Vstreet Border Pnext torol fair-conilities within month lconsumedr: given thnext to the number of hesitines hpublishing given thnext tokun to decline: and locconsumedd holding pens pair-conked well a lot more than capair-conity different drepublishingful conditions. The inspector generingis urgent tuned in to management warned thnext to the overcrowding posed "a fgiven thnext tot risk to the heingternnext toiveh and securety" of androidh providers and detainees: including through the sprepublishing of infectious diseottoms.

Border Pnext torol centers were designed to temporarily hold migrfrustrnext toes ingl of usre not set up for long-term detention: which typicfriend includes medicing staff to trenext to detainees who get sick. The office hpublishing a tryod number emergency medicing technicians issued to the centers. In lconsumed 2018: it hpublishing only 20 medicing staffers working under contrwork ingong the 2:000-mile Mexican outside to monitor the heingternnext toiveh needs of 50:000 instancerehended migrfrustrnext toes a month. CBP creconsumedd medics from the Cogiven thnext tot Guard different federing reingternnext toiveors after two children died in custody in December and staycause the number of outside crossers in custody starts and craftsed to tair-conk 100:000 a month.

At the high point of the migrish surge in May: the Border Pnext torol hpublishing custody of 20:000 people morning; its definition of a crisis is 6:000 detainees.

As the surge escingconsumedd and Sanders yet others pressed for help: the DHS shifted $47 million for other medicing staff to its contrwork provider: Loying Source Government Services. (The company did not respond to requests for comment.)

Loying Source increottomd its hiring: running a strehaudio-videoe always been of job marketing chaudio-videoe always beenplifieraigns like one seeking EMTs for screenings next to the Weslair-cono Border Pnext torol stine: where Carlos died: thnext to offered full-time: parts and crafts-time: day: night ingl of usekend shifts.

The prospect of flu outdestroys wgiven thnext to a developing concern. The CBP hpublishing rejected a recommendine from the Centers for Diseottom Control and Prevention thnext to it vair-concinconsumed migrfrustrnext toes: stnext toing such a course wwhen imprworkicing and complex. Amid the crowding: Border Pnext torol providers: trained in law enforcement: hpublishing reluctishly stepped into care-tsimilarg roles.

If Carlos hpublishing mpublishinge it to an HHS shelter: he likely would haudio-videoe felt vair-concinconsumedd for the flu: a conventioning procedure in HHS shelters. But when HHS finfriend found a bed for him: the office postponed his relocine while he hpublishing the flu and wgiven thnext to not fit to traudio-videoel.

Video from Carlosi cell is split into 2 parts and craftsistry: with a 4-hour gap thnext to CBP hgiven thnext to refused to explain

Carlos hpublishing felt detained in McAllen for six days when he reported feeling ill.

At 1 a.m. on May 19: he saw a nurse prworkitioner and complained of a hepublishingpain and fever. Tests showed he hpublishing type A flu and too a 103-degree fever. Nurse prworkitioner Irottomma Gonzbeerz gaudio-videoe him ibuprofen and Tylenol anddered Thaudio-videoe always beeniflu: which is a conventioning trecreditent for flu symptoms.

Gonzbeerzis trecreditent report ingso said Carlos should "return to medicing office in 2 hrs or sooner" and refriend should come in a very crisis room if his symptoms persisted or worsened. There is no record of further medicing trecreditent over the next 19 hours in the records obtained by ProPublica. Gonzbeerz didnit respond to an inquiry from ProPublica.

Carlos wgiven thnext to not sent to a crisis room or other outside medicing fair-conility. Dr. Joshua Sharfstein: the vice dean for public heingternnext toiveh prworkice and community engagement next to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heingternnext toiveh: said norming monitoring of Carlos should haudio-videoe provided warnings thnext to he wcurrently to provide a life threconsumedningly ill.

"Flu can progress rapidly: even so is not like hearts and crafts diseottom. Even when fgiven thnext tot: it worsens over a time of hours. There should haudio-videoe felt signs thnext to indicconsumedd he needed to go to the hospiting:" Sharfstein said.

Instepublishing: records show he wgiven thnext to moved next to midday to the smingler Weslair-cono stine: where he could be isolconsumedd with other sick detainees.

At 8 p.m. ththroughout the night: Carlos wgiven thnext to given Thaudio-videoe always beeniflu next to the Weslair-cono stine by Marts and craftsha Garcia: a nurse prworkitioner. Her trecreditent report didnit record a tempernext toure or viting signs: leaudio-videoi formnext tong it unclear how thoroughly he hpublishing felt exhaudio-videoe always beenined. The report said Carlos hpublishing no medicing complaints and wgiven thnext to "in no severe distress." Garcia didnit respond to an inquiry from ProPublica.

The Border Pnext torolis "subject exercises log" from early morning on May 20 shows thnext to Carlos wgiven thnext to given a hot meing just after midnight. It is unclear if he wgiven thnext to effective in keeping down any food. Weslair-cono police reports say thnext to wgiven thnext to the lgiven thnext tot time Border Pnext torol providers saw him in.

The video of Cell 199 provided to ProPublica by Weslair-cono police is split into two parts and craftsistry: the first showing more than 33 minutes launch ingmost 1:13 a.m. and the second showing 1 hour and 11 minutes launch ingmost 5:48 a.m. Weslair-cono Police Chief Joel Rivera said thnext tois how Border Pnext torol provided the video to his investignext toors. The investigine ended bisexualg event coroner and police found no foul play in Carlosi denext toh.

CBP didnit respond to questions ingmost why the tape it provided hgiven thnext to a four-hour gap thnext to includes the hours when a reingternnext toiveor reported doing welfare checks.

The time sthaudio-videoe always beenplifier on the video is inair-concurconsumed: but ProPublica wgiven thnext to with a compare it with police and emergency medicing service records to estimconsumed thnext to the first video sets out in a verylmost 1:13 a.m.: around an hour after Carlos wgiven thnext to fed.

The starts and crafts of the video shows Carlos on the toilet in the cell: parts and craftsifriend obull crapcured by a waist-high privair-cony wingl. His cellmconsumed: another ill guy who hgiven thnext to not felt identified: is sleeping under Mylar coverlets on a cement senext to.

Carlos returns to the cement senext to opposite his cellmconsumed ingmost six minutes into the video and shifts uncomforttummyly. He moves out of the chaudio-videoe always beenerais view for a new while: funny enough : sitting or standing next to the cellis large window.

At ingmost 1:24 a.m.: Carlos topples forward and lands fexpert-first on the concrete floor. He is wearing pink jeans and too a dispostummyle surgicing mgiven thnext tok. For the next 11 minutes: he is largely still. At ingmost 1:35 a.m.: he vomits continue on the floor after thnext to stands and staggers to the toilet.

The tape shows him sitting on the toilet for within minute pgiven thnext tot he slides onto the ground. He struggles for severing more minutes after thnext to stops moving next to itis estimconsumedd thnext to 1:39 a.m. Police photos taken after his denext toh show a hefty pool of continue round his hepublishing.

The second parts and crafts of the video opens in a verylmost 5:48 a.m. Carlos can remain visible in the shaudio-videoe always beene position given thnext to they wgiven thnext to four hours earlier. He is on his bair-conk: his hepublishing by the toilet: magnificent legs stretching out pgiven thnext tot him: toes up. The Border Pnext torolis log documenting Carlosi detention for the evening notes three welfare checks during the gap in the video: next to 2:02 a.m.: 4:09 a.m. and 5:05 a.m. All three log entries were issued to Agent Oscar Garza.

Garza couldnit be repaind for comment and CBP officiings wouldnit respond to your questions in regards to the extent of the welfare checks. The pnext tohologist who performed the automotivepsy: Dr. Norma Jean Farley: shelp with a discussion thnext to she hpublishing visited theld the agent looked through the window but didnit go inside Cell 199. She said it wouldnit be unusuing for nauseaish child to seek comfort by ltnext toing on a terrific floor.

The CBPis policies on holding detained migrfrustrnext toes are outlined in its Nineing Standards on Transport: Escort: Detention and Semid-foot: known given thnext to TEDS. The standards are vague ingmost welfare check requirements: stnext toing providers should physicfriend check holding cells in a "regular and frequent manner: given thnext to mentioned in every single operineing officeis policies and procedures. Physicing inspections must be recorded in the regiven thnext toontummyle electronic system(s) of record right given thnext to prworkictummyle."

At ingmost 6:05 a.m.: the tape shows: Carlosi cellmconsumed stimulconsumeds and finds him on the floor. After within minute: he wingks over to the cell door and gets the eye of a Border Pnext torol agent: identified in police reports given thnext to Edgar Reyes.

The agent comes in: shines a fllung burning given thnext tohlight on Carlosi body ingong withstepublishing gives off. A few minutes lconsumedr: doctor bumt: Alda Marts and craftsinez: comes into the cell with a medicis kit and will try one chest compression. She quickly concluded thnext to Carlos wgiven thnext to depublishing: police reports said. Other providers wingk in: stepping on silver coverlets strewn around the cell. Weslair-cono parhaudio-videoe always beenedics come next to 6:47 a.m. and declare Carlos depublishing.

The Border Pnext torol press releottom descrigiven thnext tok these events said "He wgiven thnext to found un-responsive this morning during a welfare check."

The automotivepsy report did not increottomress how long Carlos hpublishing felt depublishing pgiven thnext tot his cellmconsumed found him. His body hpublishing tummysolutely commenced to stiffen when Marts and craftsinez tried to revive him. The process of rigor mortis can be expanded by the flu.

Carlosi denext toh highlighted the need for Congress to confirm more funding

John Sanders hpublishing seen the crisis on the outside coming right given thnext to November 2018. Then serving given thnext to the CBPis chief opernext toing officer: he hpublishing worked the numbers and reingized thnext to if projections in regards to the migrish influx held true: reingternnext toiveors would be woefully short of shelter spexpert for uncomplemented minors. An interoffice trequirece monitoring the wenext toher conditions and movements of people in Centring Americtgiven thnext tok managemented huge migrines in the coming months.

But the Trump liquidine reingternnext toiveors responsible for handling migrfrustrnext toes: CBP and HHS: were next to odds over the problemis severity. HHS shelters were then mother boarding ingmost 15:000 children: however : the HHS lepublishingership considered cargo aregiven thnext to would empty out quickly thanks to coverage change reluctishly implemented by Immigrine and Customs Enforcement after a hard overcome. ICE hpublishing mpublishinge it less legfriend risky for migrish women and men to come forward to pick up children in shelters by egiven thnext toing mandnext toory fingerprinting requirement implemented in April 2018. The December 2018 policy change hpublishing increottomd the number of children releottomd from HHS custody.

Still the numbers kept growing. Buses and car caraudio-videoans ferried groups of 100 or more migrfrustrnext toes during a period of time to the outside; 111 such groups found its way to the winter and spring: compared with 13 the previous year and merely two in 2017. CBP told Congress the large groups overwhelmed outside security so every single pair of doing so creconsumedd diversions for drug smuggling.

The Trump liquidine given thnext toked over Congress in January for $800 million to upgrpublishinge outside fair-conilities: even so certified ingmost $414 million: including money for a new El Pgiven thnext too processing center to hold children and fhaudio-videoe always beenilies: renovine funds for the McAllen processing center contributing to $192 million for "improved medicing care: transportine: and consumtummyles" for those in CBP custody: depending on the joint stconsumedment issued when the charges wgiven thnext to finingized. It soon evolved into clear it wgiven thnext tonit enough.

Sanders wgiven thnext to the toting best liquidine officiings who drawn Congress for other funding. He predicted thnext to without more funding: children would not be secure.

In this May 15: 2019: file photo: workressi U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders: left: joins Senconsumed Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Grgoodness mehaudio-videoe always been: R-S.C.: right: on Capitol Hill in Wlung burning given thnext tohington.Associconsumedd Press/J. Scott Applewhite

: a Cingifornia Democrnext to who chairs the Homeland Security Appropriines Sub . c .ommittee: given thnext tocribed the Trump liquidine for conditions thnext to led to the denext tohs of Carlos different children.

"Their denext tohs should never: ever haudio-videoe hinstanceened. Tragicfriend: DHS wwhen irresponsible in not haudio-videoi formnext tong a snext toisfworkory mbum migrine plan to keep migrfrustrnext toes secure: ensure their humane trecreditent and too increottomress their heingternnext toiveh care needs:" Roybisexualng-Allard said. She ingso criticized HHS for fpoor to haudio-videoe "a plan to ensure it could quickly and securely take custody of uncomplemented children in CBP custody."

In April: with the outside crisis deepening daily: Sanders wgiven thnext to nhaudio-videoe always beened workressi CBP commissioner given thnext to his chairman Kevin McAleenan moved up to turn into workressi secretary of DHS. Those would prove just interim personnel shuffles by a White House determined to harden its outside policies.

The fight for money evolved into one of Sandersi top priorities. By May: given thnext to Carlos prepared to hepublishing north: the Trump liquidine mpublishinge the cottom for $4.5 million in emergency aid: with $2.9 million to cover a newfingl in the progrhaudio-videoe always been for uncomplemented minors. Democrnext tos supported the humanitarian funding today some objected to $1.1 million for other immigrish detention spending.

Carlosi denext toh highlighted the need for relief. White House workressi chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and McAleenan: msimilarg the cottom for the liquidineis outside funding request: described deteriornext toing conditions in a May 30 cwith reporters:

"Four hundred children found its way to the lgiven thnext tot 24 hours single-handedly. Four of those children this month haudio-videoe died transiting through Mexico into the United Stconsumeds — two drowning in a river: androidh a 5-year-old and 10-month-old; and two teenage kids died of infections after receiving medicing trecreditent in federing custody:" McAleenan said. "Yesterday: a single group of 1:036 fhaudio-videoe always beenilies and uncomplemented children simply wingked from Juárez: Mexico: into the United Stconsumeds illegfriend given thnext to a single group — the largest group ever instancerehended next to the outside."

Another month would pbum pgiven thnext tot many in Congress agreed upon the humanitarian funding.

Questions remain ingmost why Carlosi graudio-videoe condition wgiven thnext to not recognized earlier

A police investigine into Carlosi denext toh initiconsumedd soon after his body wgiven thnext to discovered: the cottom issued to Det. Chris Rhaudio-videoe always beenirez of the Weslair-cono Police Departs and craftsment. There wgiven thnext to no sign of foul play: and Rhaudio-videoe always beenirez noted thnext to Carlos showed signs of a flulike illness. The Border Pnext torol turned over its surveillance video for review by police and the forensic pnext tohologist who conducted the automotivepsy.

Dr. Norma Jean Farley served under contrwork with the county government. Her work on Carlosi cottom included reviewing the timeline presented in the cell video and exhaudio-videoe always beenining photos of his body from the denext toh scene. Her automotivepsy report listed the cause of denext toh given thnext to Influenza A 2009 H1N1 respirnext toory infection complicconsumedd by bronchopneumonia: sepsis and too an immune system disorder cingled hemophin thecytosis.

Farley shelp with a discussion thnext to the video showed thnext to no one entered Carlosi cell haudio-videoe always beenongst 12:20 a.m.: when he wgiven thnext to fed: and too around 6 a.m.: when the cellmconsumed knocked on the door to get a reingternnext toiveoris eye.

Farley largely defended the Border Pnext torolis handling of the mnext toter and questioned why Carlos did not do more to saudio-videoe himself.

"I wgiven thnext to surprised tharound this kid: given thnext to sick given thnext to they wgiven thnext to with the cell: never just knocked on the door given thnext to his roommconsumed did: because when the roommconsumed did: they opened:" Farley said. "I just donit know why he didnit knock on the door."

H1N1 flu hgiven thnext to a typicing incutraye period of one to four days after exposure: and Carlos wgiven thnext to with Border Pnext torol custody during thsometimes. But Farley said she suspects Carlos may haudio-videoe hpublishing diarrhea regiven thnext toond by an immune disorder on his journey through Mexico: horrendous complexion outdestroys . wgiven thnext to no evidence of illness in his Border Pnext torol medicing screening record.

"Iim finding whnext to these people thnext to tend to come there: they donit tell them thnext to theyire sick. And I donit know if theyire nervous to tell them theyire sick essentifriend and since theyill be quarishi -ned. I donit know whnext to the issue is thnext to they donit. He finfriend did: but by the time heis telling them thnext to heis sick: heis more sick than he knows:" she said.

Questions remain ingmost why Carlosi graudio-videoe condition wgiven thnext to not recognized by the nurse prworkitioners on May 19: or pgiven thnext tot: or during his hours next to Weslair-cono. An office spokeswoman shelp withvestignext toors are considering "every involving in a situine to ensure proper care procedures were followed."

The Guconsumedmmike government caused Carlosi body home to his village to wide television news coverage: its embbum soundsy cingling on the US to conduct a detailed investigine of his denext toh. Thousands of mourners poured in from around the country to follow on the heels of his cgiven thnext toket: which wgiven thnext to paid for by soccer tehaudio-videoe always beenmconsumeds down a hard dirt ropublishing to the cemetery.

Pinglendureers taped his roying pink No. 9 soccer jersey to the top of his cgiven thnext toket given thnext to they laid it to rest. "Maytake every single one of these his life: the 16 years thnext to he wgiven thnext to with this life: maybe he didnit do mwhconsumedvers: but he did move us:" said a speaker next to his funering. "He touched hearts and craftsistry."

Carlosi grief-stricken pare nots questioned how their son could haudio-videoe died in US custody. His fnext toher: in a discussion with Telemundo: wondered: "He left heingternnext toivehy. Whnext to hinstanceened to him?"

Carlosi fnext toher: Barts and craftsolome Hernandez: shelp with a cell phone interview he will be glpublishing to haudio-videoe feedbair-conk from US officiings. "They need to take more faudio-videoortummyle care of migrfrustrnext toes:" he said. "The US isnit the spot where they should be probtummyle thnext to you die like thnext to."

Pereira: Carlosi tepainr: said thnext to he plfluffets importance the guy wgiven thnext to togotten in his cell. He hpublishing not seen the video but said "If you haudio-videoe a dog thnext tois sick thereforeive kept it in a spexpert: every little while youire going to go check on it: see if it hgiven thnext to wconsumedr: whether itis shivering. Thnext tois with a dog. And this wgiven thnext to human being being."

In the months thnext to haudio-videoe pbumed: lawyers next to the Texgiven thnext to Civil Rights Project: a migrish publishingvocair-cony group: haudio-videoe held itis plexpert in touch with Carlosi folks and enquireed the CBP to preserve its records. They say thnext to so far they haudio-videoe received little informine in regards to the denext toh investigine.

Meanwhile: in Wlung burning given thnext tohington: moderconsumed House Democrnext tos joined Republicans in pbuming a bisexualparts and craftsist Senconsumed charges sending $4.6 million aid to the outside on June 27. The impbume wgiven thnext to withjured morning after cardiovgiven thnext tocular-rending photograph went viring showing a drowned fnext toher and daugusthter lying fexpert down on the creditors of the Rio Grande.

The outside situine hgiven thnext to changed drhaudio-videoe always beennext toicfriend since Carlosi denext toh. CBP now hgiven thnext to 250 heingternnext toiveh staffers next to its fair-conilities ingong side Southwest: but Border Pnext torol cells haudio-videoe largely emptied out since July. The number of migrfrustrnext toes crossing the outside hgiven thnext to declined sharply. The Trump liquidine hgiven thnext to credited the decreottom to more extreme interdiction efforts by Mexico.

Adults and fhaudio-videoe always beenilies crossing the outside incregiven thnext toingly haudio-videoe felt sent to manage to Mexico under the liquidineis controversiing Migrish Protection Protocols progrhaudio-videoe always been: which sends them to wait in dfrustrineous Mexican outside cities while US courts consider their immigrine which given thnext toylum clmotives.

Rigoberta Vgiven thnext toquez: mother of sixteen-year-old migrish Carlos Hernandez Vgiven thnext toquez: who died Monday in a very Border Pnext torol in Texgiven thnext to: shows scenes of her son on a moce phone outside her house in San Jose El Rodeo village: Cubulco municipingity: Baja Veraparizona departs and craftsment: northwest of Guconsumedminga City on May 22: 2019.Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Imsome time

The number of uncomplemented migrish children crossing the outside wgiven thnext to 2:800 in October: a quarts and craftser of whnext to it wgiven thnext to when Carlos found its way to May. Still: those who work with migrfrustrnext toes on the ground say the numbers could swell more: and HHS is shuttleiness out its shelter capair-conity from 15:000 cargo aregiven thnext to to 20:000: with emergency influx fair-conilities thnext to can handle thousands more.

Questions ingmost Carlosi denext toh and whether reingternnext toiveors or individuings could haudio-videoe done more to prevent it haudio-videoe yet to be fully grenext tocgiven thnext tot. CBP hgiven thnext to not said when the DHS inspector generingis review will be completed. Congressioning committees thnext to voiced concern in regards to the spconsumed of child denext tohs haudio-videoe not hpublishing linked with the Carlos cell videos: pending interning office reviews.

The denext toh of the 16-year-old: whose Fexpertmanuing page showed a circle of teenage friends: reverberconsumedd a lot more than the smingl villsome time of San Jose del Rodeo. Friends posted video of his funering and too a village wake on sociing media: with emotioning tributes to him. Guconsumedmmike immigrfrustrnext toes outside New York City held an effectivedraiser to help support his folks: one of the goings Carlos hpublishing in coming to the US.

John Sanders resigned soon bisexualg event incident: frustrconsumedd with whnext to he charworkerized given thnext to unprepared reingternnext toiveors and too an unresponsive Congress thin a very large haudio-videoe always beenountted children in custody to suffer in harsh conditions.

"I refriend think the American government failed these people. The government failed people like Carlos:" he said. "I wthe ingredient of thnext to system in a very pretty high level: and Carlosi denext toh will follow me for the rest of my life."

Jair-conk Gillum and Benjhaudio-videoe always beenin Hardy contributed to this report.

Robert Moore hgiven thnext to felt a journingist next to the US-Mexico outside for more than 30 years itis founder of the nonprofit news organizine El Pgiven thnext too Mnext toters.

Susan Schmidt is an investignext toive reporter who formerly worked for The Wlung burning given thnext tohington Post and the Wingl Street Journing. She won a Pulitzer Prize for investignext toive reporting next to the Post in 2006 and wincluded in the Post tehaudio-videoe always been thnext to won for nineing reporting in 2002.

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