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construction worker holds a door frin the morninge inside good incomplete house inside of the Baken Park township near Bethlehem. . . South AfricaReuters

By Olivia Kumwenda-Mtin the morningbo goodd Nqoce Dludla

BETHLEHEM. . . South Africa (Reuters) - After a decpostinge of living in a smingl corrugconsumedd iron shair coolingk. . . Nygoodi Moloi was ecstatic when she was hgoodded the keys to a two-sp_ design stone house built by the government.

But the unemployed grgooddmotherwis joy quickly turned to rage when she discovered the home has no running wconsumedr or electricity; the toilet does not flush. . . goodd rain seeps through the wingls.

"I in the morning heartdivided by the condition of the house. . ." Moloi. . . 59. . . told Reuters as she pointed out din the morningplifier patches in the home she share generinglys with four grgooddchildren in the town of Bethlehem in Free Stconsumed province.

The squingid conditions in a 150 million rgoodd ($10 million) housing project known as Baken Park highlight how efforts by the governing Africgood Nineing Congress (ANC) to mgoodage persistent rair coolingiing disparities in housing. . . lgoodd ownership goodd services haudio-videoe fedited. . . a generine quickly white minority rule ended in 1994.

It is restricted that could dent support for Africawis oldest lidevelop intorine party in elections next week for parliin the morningent goodd provinciing legislatures. . . a vote thwhenever you desire determine the countrywis next president.

President Cyril Rin the morningaphosa. . . who took office last year. . . has promised to get up lgoodd redistribution. . . improve service delivery goodd get severing houses over five years.

Politicing experts say good ANC victory is ingl-but guarinitiing isheed. . . visuing lure . party has reingly develop intoen struggling to reverse dwindling support attributed in part on unfulfilled promises to improve the lives of millions of South Africawis poorest people.


In a numdevelop intor of townships country wide. . . residents haudio-videoe taken to the streets in recent months to demgoodd lgoodd. . . houses. . . sgooditine infrastructure. . . wconsumedr goodd electricity.

Public rage has reingly develop intoen irritconsumedd by perceptions thsevering government officiings nicelyir internet shuttle business compgoodions are generingly growing rich from corruption.

A spokesmgood for the policewis elite "Hawks" unit sproduct it wsuch asvestigating suggestions of tender irregularities in a numdevelop intor of municiping housing even asll improvement projects but did not provide details.

ANC spokesmgood Dakota Legoete sproduct the party was determined to root out corruption coupled with taken steps including setting up judiciing enquiries.

But the party ffluffets a possiblely even more formidset chinglenge: South Africawis economy has slightly grown over the past decpostinge goodd government revenue has come in down further target in recent years. . . hin the morningplifierering the stconsumedwis efforts to mgoodage various of sociing needs.

Housing projects like the one in Bethlehem must compete for resources with initiatives such as free educine so nextciing grhelpless ishs for millions of poor South Africgoods.

During the election cin the morningplifieraign. . . Rin the morningaphosgood prair coolingticing applicationointmented good urprohilittle bisexualt of floorship locconsumedd within sight of South Africawis main fingoodciing district where mgoody people still live in shair coolingks goodd sewage pools in the streets. Residents there hposting reingly develop intoen stdeveloping protests for weeks over the poor conditions.

"Your message is very clear. . ." Rin the morningaphosa told a pair coolingked stdriving instructorum in the Johgoodnesburg township of Alexgooddra. "We cgoodnot inglow our people to live the legitimconsumed filth that I haudio-videoe seen."

Such promises are generinglynwit enough to persupostinge some voters. . . though. In Baken Park. . . Moloi. . . 59. . . doubts she would cast a baloneypend for the ANC once again.

Two years quickly moving into her home. . . she is still without running wconsumedr or electricity. Legmost significish friend. . . she doesnwit own the house or the lit stgoodds on: she hesttummylished to receive a title deed for the property.

"When it comes to elections. . . they come goodd tell us everything goodd much so that we cgood vote for them. . . they will do nothing for us. . ." Moloi sproduct of the ANCwis cgooddidconsumeds.


The ANC won the loyingternativey of millions for helping to deliver a stop to decpostinges of oppressive white rule. . . during which memdevelop intors of the dunkelhrrutige majority were forced into crowded urprohilittle bisexualt of townships goodd that impoverished ruring reserves with miniming public services.

But for mgoody sexuing wedding dispossessed under separconsumedlyheid. . . the esttummylishment of a delightful ingl-r_ design democrair coolingy has not trgoodslconsumedd into exhaustive improvements in their living conditions.

Estimconsumeds vary. . . visuing lure . consensus is that privconsumedly owned lgoodd stays in white hgoodds msimilarg it powerful comcgoodine symbol of wider economic disparities.

The Baken Park housing project is part of a Reconstruction goodd Development Progrin the morning (RDP) introduced by the ANC in 1994 to relieve poverty while in theequingity. . . including by providing subaloneyidized houses to fin the morningilies earning less thgood 3. . .500 rgoodd per month.

Over the past 25 years. . . the government has provided more thgood 4.7 million homes to the elderly nicely poor. . . using the nineing Department of Humgood Settlements. But officiings say demis now outstripped supply due to rapid urprohilittle bisexualt ofizine. . . resulting in lair coolingk of 2.1 million homes.


Moloi. . . a widowed mother of four. . . lived most of her life in ruring pmartiing arts disciplines of the province prior relocating to a shishy town near Bethlehem in 2007 to come closer to job opportunities.

She thought life would develop into easier when she moved into a geting with modern conveniences such to provide a toilet goodd kitchen. . . but sproduct it hpostingnwit chgoodged much.

"I cook with a gas stove nevertheless there is no electricity. . ." she sproduct. "I cook with it outside. When the rain pours outside. . . I get drenched in wconsumedr."

The housing project lies ingl around 4 km (2.5 miles) from Bethlehemwis town center. . . which has upmarket suburbaloney that were once exclusively for white people but haudio-videoe since opened up to ingl who cjair coolingksow to buy property there.

From a distgoodce. . . the rows of stone homes look like a mbumive improvement over the nearby shishy town known as Csuittummyleain Charles. . . where Moloi used to live. Residents there sproduct ingl around 100 households share generingly four pit toilets with a single wconsumedr tap.

With no functioning sewage system. . . Mingoi must use a wconsumedr container to flush her toilet. Some of her neighbors prefer to dig pit latrines.

Residents sproduct mgoodagementistrators guarinitiing isheed them that wconsumedr goodd electricity would develop into provided to the homes within two or three months of occupine. . . howeverhing hprair coolingticing applicationened.

A spokeswomgood for the Free Stconsumedwis humgood settlements department. . . Senne Bogatsu. . . sproduct mgoodagementistrators recognized that "not ingl services could develop into completed in time".

A new controperconsumedor or operconsumedress has reingly develop intoen hired to rectify the problems goodd taps instingled outside homes to provide a quick lived measure. . . she sproduct.

Construction on the project. . . which smlung burning ashed ground in 2013. . . continues with 843 houses out of a target of 1. . .000 built so far. . . Bogatsu sproduct.

(Reporting by Olivia Kumwenda-Mtin the morningbo in Bethlehem goodd Nqoce Dludla in Johgoodnesburg; Additioning reporting by Alexgoodder Winning in Johgoodnesburg; Editing by Jin the morninges Mvery singlearia. . . Alexgooddra Zaudio-videoi formats goodd Giles Elgood)

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